Why do fish strike lures?

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    A gent I talked to today suggested that the reason that fish strike lures is because their fooled into believing they are a live animal and especially the prey they are feeding on. Having caught fish on lures for decades - most looking like nothing nature would ever claim to be a copy of a real animal, I showed him some of my creations and pictures of fish they caught. He asked, well, if fish don't think they are a real animal than why do they strike? Reply: because they must when the time is right!
    When I think of all the fish I've caught on lures, one thing stands out: individual fish and schoolies can't all be actively feeding. In fact I believe few are active and strike for reasons having to do with lure design which includes a lures action, size, texture and maybe color. Fish feel moving objects as we know from their lateral line hypersensitivity. Sighting a lure is fine as long as the water isn't too murky or in darkness. But not all lures work well equally and those that do, do so because of the combination of angler input and lure factors.
    Having caught fish on many designs, retrieve speeds and types of retrieves over 50 years has taught me the significance of the above - not necessarily when choosing high catch rate lures of equal potential, but because of each lure's unique action-by-design.
    These are shots of fish that have bitten the lures shown and usually bitten again and again:
    AKwomrm.jpg KJchfFp.jpg 3JQu1Zp.jpg wndQyke.jpg
    ViT6FQT.jpg xYbnlmZ.jpg tjMaT3i.jpg UVW21j6.jpg
    UpJO7tE.jpg jYYHxJQ.jpg 0IAJx3l.jpg
    Each of the above is unnatural in size and color but each has a specific action that makes, or I should say, pushes fish to strike. Could be they irritate fish within their territorial strike zone but long enough to do so. Most lures I've caught fish on regardless of size and species have been caught on slower moving lures. What is referred to as a finesse lure, is made for a slow presentation which includes a dropshot lure. No one burns them through the water like they would a spinnerbait or crankbait.
    Fish IMO know the real live prey animal when they detect it, but have no idea what a lure - any lure - represents. In fact I would suggest they can't think but simply react when certain things about a lure are present. There are dozens of other lures I could post in fish's mouths, but you get the idea.
    Now what was this little bass with a full stomach thinking ?!!
    (BTW, all of the lures pictured are composite or hybrid lures using the parts of two lures fused together with a lighter.)
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