WON rumors circulating during the BAT

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    Based on conversations with tournament directors and from what was heard during the Bass-a-thon, here's are some WON observations we might be able to look forward to in the future:

    I. The shared weight program for the Pro circuit will remain in effect as long as Harvey's running the show. Harvey introduced this format and it is unique to WON and very successful. It's had to imagine WON changing to a non-shared weight format on the pro side in the near future.

    2. The Pro Circuit Tournament of Champions will be held a mystery lake a few weeks following the last regular Pro Circuit Event. The location will be held in secret but announced in enough time prior to the T of C for participants to prepare. One-day pre-fish prior to the weekend event will be allowed.

    3. During the regular Pro Circuit season, the AAA angler will be invited to join the Pro Option offered which is about 100 bucks.

    4. The WON BASS teams championship (Tri States Championship) will be held at a lake to be announced (late in the season). It will not be Lake Havasu or Lake Shasta in 2010 but on waters more geographically accessible to all WON BASS regions. The qualifying north and the south will be invited to fish a combined Tri States Championship.

    With the resources Western Outdoors News and WON Bass processes, it make sense there will be "some hefty awards " in order for the Teams, the Pro Circuit Champions, the Pro Circuit Angler of the Year as well as the U.S. Open. As on pro was overheard to say at the BAT , Harvey can't change the world in only three days. We'll be hearing more in the days to come.
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