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    The 2008/2009 WON San Diego Team tournament circuit will blast off with its first event of the season from Lake El Capitan Saturday, November 8th.

    Here’s a recap of last season’s top prizes:
    12/05/07 – Lake San Vicente
    Brian & Aaron Johnson $4135.00
    2/09/08 – Lake El Capitan
    John Feihler & Rob Blunt $1855.00
    Stu Kenson & Steve Swaggarty $3210.00
    3/08/08 – Lake San Vicente
    Jonathan Wdowiak & Rich Serra $3580.00
    4/05/08 – Lake Otay
    Mike Long & John Kerr $3895.00
    5/17/08 - Lake Hodges
    Rich Welch & Paul Leader $3450.00
    6/07/08 Lake El Capitan
    John Kerr & Mike Long $3540.00

    Here's the 2008/2009 WON San Diego Team Tournament Schedule:
    11/08/08 Lake El Capitan
    12/06/08 Lake El Capitan
    1/24/09 Lake Otay
    2/14/09 Lake El Capitan
    3/21/09 Lake Hodges
    4/18/09 Lake Otay
    5/30/09 Lake El Capitan

    News you can use this season:
    • The basic entry fee will remain at $120.
    • There are no off-limits for any WON San Diego Team event.
    • The new “Pick-Sixâ€
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    A few added tournament notes......

    Here are a few notes to take into consideration if you are fishing the WON at El Capitan this Saturday..

    Pre registration: entries can still be made via fax, telephone or drop off at Angler's Arsenal before 6pm Friday 11/7.

    Gate: The gate will open no later than 5am. It may open earlier so be prepared.

    Paperwork: Vicki and John will be located under the gazebo in the upper parking lot to take care of any last minute paperwork a team might have to tend to before the start of the tournament. This includes entries, waivers, memberships, adding options and paying tournament fees. New entries will be accepted at that time.

    Flights: A team can find out their draw number and flight from the crew when their boat is being inspected. All teams will queue up at the top of the launch ramp for inspections and the crew will have all that information for you. We will not "blast-off" until all boats are launched and every participants' paperwork is completed.

    Weigh-in: First flight will weigh in on the boat dock at 3pm.

    Raffle: In-between the finish of the weigh-in and the awards ceremony we'll be serving food and will conduct a raffle with some really neat prizes up at the gazebo. Plan to stay for the fun.

    Further Instructions: will be given on the lake before blast off.
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