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    WON San Diego wants to welcome and thank Vail Lake for coming aboard as a new sponsor for the region. This is the special Vail Lake will be offering WON San Diego Team fisherman:

    Each person who fishes in a WON San Diego Team tournament between November 2008 and the last tournament of the season held on May 30, 2009 will have their names put into a "hat". At the May tournament we will draw one name and that person will be awarded a membership to Vail Lake for the remainder of 2009. Here's the catch. You must be at the drawing and fish the last event to win. Fish all seven events, and you get seven chances to grab that membership.

    If you can't wait until May 2009 to fish Vail Lake, drop me a line at jjcjr@pacbell.net. The Vail Lake management was so please with the response they received from the Rod and Reel Radio special we offered, they've extended the special offer until 12/31/08. But don't wait. If you want to start fishing all this month and into 2009 get on the ball and give us a call.

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