yellowfin tuna and Dorado overnight trip Sept 27-28 2015 "the producer "

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    I had so much fun catching tuna on my fishing trip (skipjack and yellowfin tuna ) these things are like little firecrackers of the sea! It was wide open fishing on "the producer " out of h&m landing! These guys are pro's! Every time my bait hit the water , it was instant hook up with a skipjack or yellowfin tuna! We caught limits of tuna by 10am! 5 per angler. We moved to another spot to fish for Dorado and yellowtail under a kelp paddy and the boat caught 30 of them! We still had tuna under the boat ! We threw all the other ones back in the water! I didn't keep any skipjack, I hooked up with 2 Dorado but mine didn't make it over the rail. .. my new fishing I will let the pictures do the talking! Thank you El Nino! !!!

    20150928_124856.jpg 20150928_124449.jpg 20150928_085110.jpg 20150928_124143.jpg
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