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Barrett Lake Fish Reports barrett-8-pound-bass-2013
Barrett Lake Fish Report – Opening week 2013

The opening week of Barrett yielded a total of 7,623 bass for the 251 lucky anglers to report. 241 bluegill and 29 crappie were also reported. Despite the report of lower numbers by some anglers, this year’s opening week actually exceeded last year’s report in terms of bass caught per angler; 30.3 vs. 28.3 each. The water level continues to fall though, with the lake opening 25 feet below spill level compared to 12.45 feet for last year’s opener. The lake was completely full at the start of the 2011 season.

Barrett Lake Fish Reports
Barrett Lake Pre-Opener Fish Report – SDFish Exclusive

As each and every May approaches, Southern California bass fanatics get excited in anticipation for the opener of San Diego’s infamous Barrett Reservoir. This rural lake, tucked away in the foothills of Southeast San Diego County has developed a cult following with a huge group of dedicated anglers. Dreams of 100+ fish days frequently come to fruition, as fishermen swarm to Barrett to make cast after cast, for fish after fish. Call it a “wonderland” for bass enthusiasts. Call it “the Big B”. Call it whatever you’d like…bottom line is Barrett Reservoir flat out produces, time and again.

I had the great pleasure of receiving a last minute invite to “pre-fish” the lake this past week (April 17th) for and I’m happy to report that the 100+ fish days live on and the fish are as healthy as ever. As always, the entire lake shined, but we focused the majority of our attention on Main Lake and Hauser arm, flinging shallow running cranks, larger-profile plastics, jigs and topwater at Barrett’s aggressive Northern-strained Largemouth Bass. But the hands-down big producer was the blade (spinnerbait).

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