Catfish coming to Dixon next week


Date: 06/28/14
Park hours: 6:00 AM – 8:00 PM (Daily)
Dock closes: 7:00 PM (Boats are called in @ 6:45 PM)
Last Plant: April 23rd (3000 lbs. of Rainbow Trout)
Next Plant: July 10th (1000 lbs. of Channel Catfish)
Water Temperature: 76-78 degrees

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  • Dixon Lake’s trout season was outstanding with huge amounts of trout caught in the 2-4 pound range. This last stock did bring back the life to fishing for a week or so…The final days of catching any trout is over until next year. The lake received a total of 27,000 lbs. of prime grade “A” Nebraska tail walkers so this season.

    Now get ready for the catfish and summer season as we kick off night fishing starting July 10th as the season opener. The lake will be stocked with 1000 pounds of catfish on July 10th. As usual, best baits in the past have been cut mackerel or sardines, chicken livers and shrimp. Use 8-10 lb. test line and a sliding sinker for best results. Night fishing nights will be Thursday and Friday nights only starting July 10th. Boat rental start at 5PM and must return to the dock by 10:45PM. Boats are called in at 10:30. Boat rentals are $30 for a motorboat and $14 for a rowboat. Shoreline fishing is available on a limited area of shoreline near the boat dock areas until 11:45 PM. Minors must be with a parent or guardian over the age of 18 for night fishing. No alcohol or smoking is permitted at any time anywhere at the lake. No day use of picnic areas or BBQ’s are allowed. No gas or propane lanterns are allowed in boats. Battery operated lights or flashlights ARE allowed as we supply a safety orange running light that must be on at all times. Permit prices are the same for night fishing.

    The bass action and spawns are showing some ending signs with light activity around the spawning beds…a few small male bass have been caught and released this week from anglers who are scouting out the shallow nesting spots. The spawn may have already come and gone as large schools of bass fry have been seen throughout the lake especially near the boat dock cove areas. There might be some late arrivals as it’s still the season with bigger females showing up around the nests.

    The lake’s last trout stock was on 4/23/14 with 3000 pounds of tail walkers from Nebraska. For further night fishing regulations, park rules and stocking schedules please call the Dixon Lake Ranger Station at 760-839-4680 or visit

    At the present time, Dixon Lake no longer requires a California fishing license from the Dept. of Fish & Game. Dixon Lake has been granted an Aquaculture Permit. All anglers 8 yrs. and older will still need a daily fishing lake permit. A second rod permit can be purchased for a $2.00 fees at the concessions. All other park rules, fishing regulations and City of Escondido municipal codes will remain in effect until further notice other than no fishing license required.

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    Dixon Lake is located in the city of Escondido, 40 miles north of San Diego. This small clear-water reservoir is known for producing quite literally the biggest largemouth bass in the world.

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