Dixon Lake Fish Report – 5/4/15

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  • Dixon Lake trout fishing remains steady. The April 22nd stocking of 4,500 lbs. still continues to have anglers bring in multiple limits, with occasional large trout making appearances on stringers.

    Mini jigs and night crawlers have been reported as the most effective bait. According to some anglers, if the night crawlers are inflated or infused with garlic, they are more likely to help catch trout. Rainbow and garlic PowerBait have also been reported as useful by anglers.

    Whisker Bay has recently picked up traction as the most popular fishing spot, followed by Pier 1 and Jack Creek.

    John Stedman of Escondido brought in two trout on 4/27, each weighing 5 lbs. Stedman used mini jigs in Whisker Bay to catch the larger than average trout.

    Catfish fishing has picked up traction as weather temperatures rise. Fresh shrimp is reportedly the best bait for catfish.

    Small to medium bass have made appearances as spawning season is drawing to a close. The best bait for bass have been imitation trout lures and night crawlers.

    Dixon Lake rangers would like to inform the public that water levels will be adjusted to a lower scale within the next two weeks to assist in removing unnecessary vegetation near spillways. The water level will be brought down 2-3 ft. lower than its current level. Rangers do not foresee any problems with the water level being adjusted, but they do welcome visitors to bring any concerns or questions they feel necessary to staff’s attention.

    • Park hours: 6:00 AM- 8:00 PM
    • Dock closes: 7 PM (Boats called in @ 7 PM)
    • Last Plant: Wednesday, April 22, 2015, 4,500 lbs. of trout
    • Next Plant: TBA (early July catfish stock)
    • Water Temperature: 68 degrees
    • Water Level: Low-Average (fluctuating)

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    Dixon Lake

    Dixon Lake is located in the city of Escondido, 40 miles north of San Diego. This small clear-water reservoir is known for producing quite literally the biggest largemouth bass in the world.

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