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The usual variety of baits are still the key, although inflated garlic nightcrawlers seem to be extremely effective of late. (Lake Poway Concession has them in stock.) You will also need a worm blower. It is also crucial to use a longer leader if you are “still” fishing as you need to keep your bait above the vegetation on the bottom of the Lake. Three to four foot leaders are recommended at this time. Heavier sinkers are also important if you are fishing in shallow areas like Half Moon Bay. It is imperative to cast out into the deeper water as the holdover trout are schooling there.

Advice: Try a 3-4 foot leader as the vegetation is beginning to grow on the bottom of the lake. This will ensure your bait stays above the weed line. Yellow Corn, Rainbow, and Spring Green have been the most productive Powerbaits.
Boats: Slow trolling Powerworms and Nightcrawlers seem to be the most effective. The older stocks will be deeper and newer stocks will be closer to shore, although staying in about 60 feet of water should cover all of the bases.

Catfish Alert!: Over the past two days, 5/1 and 5/2, shoreline trout anglers have scored nice stringers of catfish on powerbait and nightcrawlers. The hot weather seems to have them on the prowl. They have been caught in Half Moon Bay, around Jump Off Point, and in Hidden Bay. If you are targeting them, it is better to use mackerel or chicken liver but it seems that they will attack anything. The bite has been better in the evening.

Bass: The water temperature is now 70 degrees and the males have moved to the shoreline for the spawn season with females showing at times. The spawn season has been up and down and at times confusing for anglers. Fish are still being caught on the Rock Piles and they are of course being caught by sight fishing this time of year. Plastics seem to be doing the trick but if you are an avid bass fisherman, then you probably have your own technique.

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Lake Poway is located 20 miles northeast of downtown San Diego and offers trout fishing in the winter, and bass, catfish, and panfish fishing throughout the year.

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