10 baits to have ready for San Vicente


We’ve been waiting 8 years for this, and for those of us lucky enough to be on the water for opening day – we have one day to capitalize on over a hundred thousand unsuspecting, fat and healthy bass. There’s a lot of pressure to prepare for the unknown.

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  • I’ve been preparing for this day mentally for 8 years, paying attention every time a “poacher” offered up an unofficial report of his day at San Vee, taking down notes of baits that I needed to make sure I had with me when the call finally came.

    Since I’m traveling from out of town by plane, I have to be even more prepared. I’m attempting to scale down decades worth of tackle acquisitions into a bag that’ll fit in my luggage. And once I leave my house, I’m stuck with that gear for a whole week’s worth of fishing sans for any last minute stuff I can pick up from one of Lakeside’s fine tackle shops and SDFish sponsors (Hook’d Bait and Tackle, and Lakeside Bait and Tackle).

    I’ve shook all of my sources, paid attention to all the tidbits of info dropped fromΒ those who have been fishing the lake illegally, and also those whose job it is to be on the lake surveying the fish populations (CDFW biologists and lake staff) in an effort to be as prepared as possible for this historic day.

    One thing that is certain, bass are keyed in on shad BIG TIME. It’s the dominant food source, so if you’re debating what color to throw, go with something that resembles a shad. You can dial in exactly which shad pattern based on the water clarity or amount of wind in the area that you’re fishing, but take advantage of the fish being locked on one dominant food source.

    So all that said, here are 10 baits that I’ll have rigged up and ready when I launch next Thursday.

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