10 baits to have ready for San Vicente


Topwater Walking Baits

San Vicente has always been a fantastic topwater lake, particularly for walk-the-dogΒ baits like a Heddon Super Spook, Lucky Craft Sammy, Balsa Pro, Lucky Craft Gunfish or Daiwa TD Pencil.

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  • Since the lake has closed, there have been an influx of new and hot baits that have come on the scene to fill the same genre in topwater lures including the Jackall Bowstick, Ima Skimmer, and Evergreen Shower Blow.

    I predict about 75% of the anglers are going to be throwing some form of topwater lure to start their day at San Vicente. What better way to take advantage of some unsuspecting and vulnerable bass than a topwater? I haven’t decided exactly which bait I’ll start with, but I’ll have all of the above ready and waiting.

    Tip: When the water is calm and glassy, try baits that glide quietly like the Sammy or Balsa Pro. If there is some wind on the water, go with baits like the Gunfish or Shower Blow that spit or make a lot of noise (like the Super Spook) to draw in bass from further away.

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