16.2 pound bass caught by swimbait angler


Jay Saberon, a 26 year old dedicated swimbait angler from Ocean Beach landed a 16.2 pound largemouth bass, his largest ever, on Friday January 10th while fishing from shore at Miramar Reservoir. The fish will set the big bass of the year mark pretty high and early in only the second week of January.

Saberon deserved this fish, having fished Miramar 4 or 5 times per week, throwing nothing but Huddleston Swimbaits for trophy bass. “I went through November and December with only a couple bites and tons of followers,” he said, citing the time and dedication it takes these swimbait anglers to finally land a fish that makes it all worth it. “My buddy Slater and I hit up a few docks and he connected with a 5 or 6 [pounder]where we saw a teen fish yesterday and where I also caught a 6 or 7 yesterday.”

“We biked back around the lake hitting every opening [in the tules], and at our last spot I flipped the Huddleston out 20 feet, let it sink for several seconds and started a very slow retrieve.” Thats when he had his pay-off moment, “about mid-cast she smashed it. It didn’t feel big at first but when she tried to jump I got a good look at her and I knew she was a big one.”

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  • Saberon was able to lip the bass and get a real feel for what he had. Swimbait anglers appreciate the fish just as much as they appreciate the chase, and Saberon took care of the fish from start to finish. He kept the bass in the water as he made his way to the dock to get the Ranger. After taking measurements and weighing the fish on the dock’s scale, they took a round of photos and released her at the dock.

    “As soon I released her she took off, she was very very lively.” His previous personal best bass was 13.9 pounds, so this one set the bar quite a bit higher. Something tells me Saberon won’t be hanging up his swimbaits any time soon. “I dedicate multiple days a week to only fishing Huddlestons, and it finally paid off.”

    Miramar is one of the few lakes in the County where anglers can fish 7 days a week, so the lake can reward anglers who put the time in. Miramar has also been receiving a pretty steady stream of California Department of Fish and Wildlife trout stocks this season, as they’ve been dropping about 400 pounds of 1/2 pound rainbows into Miramar every few weeks. Those rainbows have not only stirred up the big bass, but also the big blue catfish.

    The largemouth bass lake record at Miramar is 20.93 pounds, caught in 1973.

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