Angler makes troubling discovery with fish finder

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  • A local float tube angler made an interesting discovery on Saturday while reviewing his fish finder’s sonar logs after fishing Upper Otay Lake. What he found was an object resembling a human body, resting on the lake bottom in about 8 feet of water.

    His float tube was outfitted with a Lowrance HDS 7 GEM3 fish finder and TotalScan Transducer – a unit capable of producing an extremely detailed high definition 3D portrayal of the bottom with its StructureScan® technology.

    The angler, Paul Zoch, posted the screenshots online, where others confirmed the object looked to be a body. While not convinced himself, Zoch contacted authorities to share his findings.

    A San Diego Public Utilities Dive Team conducted a search on Wednesday morning, and was unable to locate a body. They called off the search, concluding that the image portrayed a pile of logs, and not human remains.

    A screen capture from Paul Zach’s Lowrance HDS 7 G3 fish finder showing what appeared to be a human body on the bottom of Upper Otay Lake in San Diego County

    A zoomed in look at the object which appeared to be human remains, which the measurement tool in the software estimated to be human sized

    The Otay Lakes area is no stranger to underwater discoveries. The larger Lower Otay Lake was the sight of one of the most amazing discoveries made with a consumer fish finder, when Duane Johnson, a local bass angler discovered what appeared to be a plane on his Humminbird fish finder. Their discovery turned out to be a long lost Helldiver plane which crashed into Lower Otay in 1945.

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