Help save the fishery at Miramar Reservoir

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  • Yesterday we outlined how the city of San Diego is moving forward with a fast-tracked plan to replace the nutrient rich imported water at Lake Miramar with purified, recycled toilet water as part of their Pure Water San Diego Project.

    We urged readers to contact their local councilmembers in an effort to let them know that Lake Miramar is an important fishery, and one that should be protected before such drastic changes are made to the water quality.

    In an attempt to make it even easier to share your concerns, we’ve created this form to submit the enclosed letter below to Mayor Kevin Faulconer, each of the San Diego City Councilmembers, and San Diego Public Utilities Director Halla Razak who oversees operations at the lakes.

    We hope you find this avenue easy. Feel free to make changes to the composed letter to express your personal concerns, or just send as is to cosign it.

    After you’re done, make sure to send this to your friends, family and peers in San Diego and ask them to do the same. Making our voice heard is the first step toward making sure we have lakes to fish in the future!

    Ask the Mayor and Council to Consider Negative Impacts to the Fishery at Miramar Reservoir

    Dear Mayor Faulconer and San Diego City Councilmembers,

    **your signature**

    793 signatures

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    Don Eret
    Don Eret

    Great,Bass that taste like A____.

    Vic Cook
    Vic Cook

    Keep track of them votes. Whoever on the city council voted for anything toilet to tap time to REMOVE THEM AND RAISE A RUCKUS B4 THE NEXT ELECTION. Some politicians are bucking the will of the people and people are getting really really tired of it.

    Mike McCoy
    Mike McCoy

    Fishing is a way of life from young to old. Please don’t take that away from our future fisherman.

    Timmy Tangles
    Timmy Tangles