Jennings’ new record catfish a family affair

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  • Bob Bowden hooked and landed a 71.3 pound blue catfish, eclipsing the previous blue catfish lake record at Jennings by over 3 pounds. This catch symbolizes what is good about fishing, and the collection of lake records. “Bob was joined by his family, including two grandkids who were all very excited to be a part of history being made right here at Lake Jennings,” said Jennings’ David Acevedo in this week’s fish report.

    Bowden caught the fish while fishing in Sentry Cove, a popular spot because of its proximity to Jennings’ popular campground. Unlike many large catfish, Bowden and his family released the fish to live on and perhaps be caught again someday.

    The previous lake record was caught in October of 2004 by Rick Guseman and weighed 68 pounds even. Guseman is a regular at Jennings, and has caught several big blue cats there over 50 pounds. Guseman’s 68 pounder was also caught and released. 

    Jennings receives a steady helping of small to mid size rainbow trout during the winter months, which are a staple in the diets of these large blue catfish. Many anglers, including Guseman believe that Jennings is home to MUCH bigger catfish than those that have been caught thus far, possibly some that would come close to or exceed the state record which stands at 113.4 pounds. 

    Ed Zieralski, San Diego Union Tribune Outdoor Writer, interviewed Bowden at the lake and shared those in his coverage of the catch. Included in his article is a description of the bait Bowden used to catch this beast; a plastic frog trailer and a grub tailed balled up together on a treble hook. 

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