Video: Must-see short film features local double digit bass catches


Vista’s Mike Gilbert is one of California’s premier trophy bass anglers, collecting several giant bass the last couple years including a 17 lb 7 oz monster in 2013 . By trade, he is also one of the leading digital media producers. Employed by Thrasher Magazine, his work responsibilities include producing and editing cutting edge videos of some of the world’s best skateboarders.

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  • Gilbert has combined those skills to produce an absolute must-see, polished and riveting short film titled “Working Class Zero: Battles” which showcases three double-digit bass catches from Lower Otay Lake this year.

    A mashup of hundreds of tiny video snippets collected throughout the year, “Working Class Zero: Battles” demonstrates everything that goes into Gilbert’s pursuit of trophy bass, from his inspiration and research, to the costs and setbacks in between the realization of success.

    Accompanying the short film are “cast2catch” videos of three separate 11+ pound bass (11 lb 9 oz, 11 lb 1 oz, and 13 lb 4 oz) featuring commentary about the catch from Gilbert himself.

    The commentary in those videos are particularly valuable as they provide a glimpse into the thought process behind the catches while the main video is likely the best example of production work you’ll ever see in a fishing video.

    The video’s description reads: “For some, fishing is an escape. An escape from the daily bombardment of shock and awe brought in by the world in which we live. But with that escape, comes the insanity of a prolonged and complex struggle that commands our very beings towards a battle of balance. A battle worth enduring, despite all provocations.” 

    For more information on Mike Gilbert, including additional videos and photos visit his website

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