A San Diego Secret Revealed: The Jackall Clone Fry


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  • One day I was looking for the 3″ white Yamamoto Senkos at a local tackle store. But they didn’t carry them, so I looked around for what they had the might be close…and noticed the Jackall Clone Fry. They looked cool, but the price made me say “ouch!” I bought a single pack anyway…

    I forgot about the price of them though as soon as I used them — that first day I landed over 20 bass at Lower Otay! I was cautiously optimistic about the effectiveness of this new bait I stumbled on, but the next trip at Otay with these yielded the same amazing results. A trip to El Capitan the following week saw the same thing, bass just crushing the Clone Fry.

    I was raving about the baits to my son, who was skeptical, so I took him out the next day and he had the best fishing day in years. He was an instant believer! We had double-hookups a half dozen times that day while other boats were boating a bass 1 out of every 100 casts. They were following us around asking us what we were using – that’s when I knew we were onto something.

    This was one of the best topwater baits I have ever fished. Puzzling, considering these baits are made for drop shotting…but the results couldn’t be ignored!

    Since that first trip with them, I’ve had one tied on every time out, no matter the lake. In the last full year I have landed more fish on these little 3″ baits than any other bait I’ve ever used during a 12 month span. I think my other fishing rigs are getting jealous as I use my rod for these baits 80% of the time on the water.

    The truly amazing thing is that I am catching fish at all lakes that I fish and at any time of the year. There is no “season” for the Jackall Clone Fry — it works year round and in every area of the water.

    It works in open water. It works over submerged grass and grass mats. It is great in shallow cover as well as pitched into tulles or stickups. And I am sure there are a host of other places and or techniques I have not tried or know of yet. I’ll leave that for you!

    The only other bait in my mind that comes close in how many fish it has the capability of catching is a Senko, and we all know how that bait revolutionized our industry.

    Now that you know what kind of bass catching potential this little bait has, let’s talk about the gear you’ll need to fish it effectively.

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    Kelly Gleghorn
    Kelly Gleghorn

    Absolutely deadly in saltwater too!!!

    Kurt V D Linde
    Kurt V D Linde

    Tommy Thomson, Marc Mills nice article on jackall

    Kurt V D Linde
    Kurt V D Linde

    Tommy Thomson, Marc Mills nice article on jackall