A San Diego Secret Revealed: The Jackall Clone Fry



The Jackall Clone Fry really excels on schooling bass, particularly those breaking the surface feeding on small baitfish. There are several ways to fish it in this scenario, so try each to see which is getting bit the best on that particular day.

  1. Cast right on the boil and dead stick it. Letting it fall with a slack line definitely draws bites.
  2. Toss it right on the boil and slowly reel it back…slow enough that it stays under the water. The fish will follow it, so be patient and fish it all the way to the rod tip. Sometimes bass will use the boat as an ambush point, thinking that it has trapped the bait against the boat where it can strike.
  3. Toss right into the boil and lightly shake the rod tip while slowly working the bait back along the surface. The same scenario as above applies, so fish it all the way back to the rod tip.
  4. Toss right onto a boil and reel it back fast enough to create a slight “v” wake on the surface, like you’ll see with scared bait fish.
  5. Toss it right on the boil and work it back in a frantic manner like a really scared bait fish. Be ready for a crushing bite right at the boat!
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  • The Clone Fry can also be fished effectively over grass, particularly around grass which is holding bait. Rig it texposed, making sure the hook point is buried back into the bait to make it completely weedless. Cast it over grass at the surface and retrieve while shaking the tip of the rod making the bait vibrate over top of the grass like a fleeing shad trying to get back into the water. You can also try a straight, but slow retrieve over the top of the grass.

    To fish it around tules and stickups, rig it texposed and weedless and skip it as far back into the tules or sticks as you can get it. Slowly retrieve it being careful not to snag it on the tules. The slower, the better. This is an instance where braided line really shines! You’ll be happy you have braid when a 4 pounder eats it in the back of the tules.

    In clear water lakes you can also fish these baits in open water. The natural look of the bait will draw fish up and produce a lot of bites in clear water!

    You can even utilize the wind by casting it an angle against the wind and letting the wind drag the line and bait across the top of the water like a fleeing bait fish.

    You’re probably noticing that the sky’s the limit with techniques to use with these baits. Only your imagination will hold you back when fishing them. If you have an idea how to use them, go for it and see what happens.

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    Kelly Gleghorn
    Kelly Gleghorn

    Absolutely deadly in saltwater too!!!

    Kurt V D Linde
    Kurt V D Linde

    Tommy Thomson, Marc Mills nice article on jackall

    Kurt V D Linde
    Kurt V D Linde

    Tommy Thomson, Marc Mills nice article on jackall