Sutherland to open for fishing on Friday


Sutherland has been closed to fishing since the end of September, but will reopen just in time for the spring bass and crappie spawns this year. The lake will be open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through September. 

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  • Fishing is typically very good for both of the aforementioned species in the first month or so of the lake’s season, as bass are pushing shallow and crappie are spawning around the shoreline brush. Plastic worms in oxblood color and senkos in green pumpkin or watermelon colors usually perform well early in the season at Sutherland. Crankbaits also tend to perform well, especially when fished around isolated hard bottom like rock pilings. 


    It’ll likely be another year of shore fishing, float tubing, and kayak fishing as the only available options. Last year’s opener saw the water level about 2.5 vertical feet short of where it needs to be for the launch ramp to be available. It remained too low to launch for the entire 2014 season, and this year will likely see the same fate.

    The water level was measured at 63.78 vertical feet, over 6 feet short of the required 70 foot mark to launch. Short of a wet spring and a lot of snow melt from the mountains this season, the water level won’t reach the ramp.

    There are no concession services at Sutherland, so come prepared! If you make it out for the opening weekend, help out the other anglers and post a report on our message forums.

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