Video: Local 1/2 day boat encounters large shark eating a dolphin

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  • A passenger fishing aboard the Chubasco II on a 1/2 day trip on August 10th captured video of a really rare encounter, a large shark feeding on a common dolphin right off the coast of San Diego.

    Members of the crew can be heard identifying the shark as a great white. White sharks, despite their massive size, typically feed on less formidable and intelligent pray. In fact, dolphins have been documented to go on the offensive vs. sharks, killing them with blows to their gill area.

    It’s not clear whether the shark actively attacked and killed this dolphin, or if it was just scavenging.

    The dorsal fin of the shark in the video looks to belong to a shortfin mako shark, and not a great white however. Though the crew on the boat had a much better view of it, and seemed pretty certain it was a white. Mako sharks are much more common in local waters, and large makos are just as capable of taking down large prey as great whites.

    The boat reportedly had 40 passengers onboard that trip and were targeting inshore species like calico bass and, sheephead and rockfish.

    The Chubasco II is a 60′ 1/2 day boat based out of Mission Bay and Captained by Ernie Prieto III.

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