“Lake Boy” by Jim Brown

jim-brownJim Brown’s “Lake Boy” is a chronological memoir covering his experiences fishing in San Diego, from his first fish at age 4, catching spotfin as Mission Bay was dredged, catching trout in local streams, being in the middle of the plastic worm revolution, moving in at Lake Sutherland when he was 12, taking over Lower Otay Lake at 19, creating Chollas as a kids pond in 1971, running the City Lakes Program from 1974-2003 and many stops in between.

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Check back soon for new articles! Jim will be updating this feature regularly with more tales from Lake Boy.

Want to ask Jim Brown something specific?

In addition to the "Lake Boy" Memoir, Jim Brown has also graciously welcomed SDFish readers and forum members to ask him questions about anything related to fishing, including specifics about the operation of the lakes and what he experienced running the City Lakes Program.

Click here to visit his Q&A Forum on SDFish.com, where you can post a question for him to answer directly.

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