Proper Angling For The Right Gift


’Tis that time of year when folks begin searching for the perfect gift for that angler in their life and despite the best of intentions – will almost invariably whiff.  As a result, the following discussion is provided as a public service to non-anglers for the purpose of avoiding yet another miss this holiday season.  Using myself as an example, let’s begin with two basic truths about the man, woman or child whose chosen pastime is fishing and the non-angler searching for the perfect gift:

Most anglers know exactly what they need or most want in the form of a gift to add to their arsenal of gear – and it is not a Popeil Pocket Fisherman, Amazing Electronic Fish Magnet, Uncle Zeb’s Stinkbait or anything else advertised on television;

Most non-anglers don’t have a clue about the best gift to give the angler in their life.

Given this dilemma, there are a few foolproof gift choices that I can recommend, and are listed in my order of preference:

1.  There is little more necessary for any angler 16 years of age or older than a state fishing license.  It is one gift where you can’t go wrong unless others give him or her the same gift, so keep that in mind.

2.  If you know the angler’s favorite tackle shop, whether brick and mortar or on-line, a simple gift certificate makes up for not being very personal by being very practical.

3.  For SDFish aficionados, there are shirts and caps with an assortment of logos representing their favored species and the best source of fishing information for San Diego anglers.

That is pretty much it and if you think I am being a little picky, you are right, but I am picky for the right reasons, which I can explain.  My closet holds more than a few shirts I don’t wear because I don’t like them and I feel obligated to keep them because they were gifts.

Likewise, I can point to a cabinet with a very nice assortment of colognes and after-shave lotions, some of which make my eyes itch, make me sneeze or simply stink in my opinion.

Fact is, I know what I like and what I don’t like and no matter how well-intentioned these gifts have been, or how much I appreciate the thoughtfulness – they just don’t work for me.

Here’s hoping that any gifts you receive this holiday season are just exactly what you wanted and even more importantly needed – along with my wishes for a very happy, healthful and fishy New Year!

About Author

Jim Brown

Jim Brown ran the San Diego City Lakes Program from 1974-2003, where he oversaw the operation of the fishing programs of the county's biggest and best fisheries. Over his 70 years as a native San Diegan, including 65 of them as an avid fisherman, Brown describes himself as someone who has fished most bodies of water in and around the county that hold fish, and all of those that don't.


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