Lake Henshaw

Lake Henshaw is a shallow, sprawling reservoir 60 miles northeast of downtown San Diego near Warner Springs. Henshaw is best known for its crappie fishing, especially during the spring.

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  • In recent years Henshaw has become a destination for fly fishermen looking to target common carp there on the lake’s shallow flats. The carp are visible along the surface and in the shallow water, so fly fishermen are able to target them by sight casting. Bow fishermen have also taken notice of the carp population at Henshaw.

    There is an underrated bass fishery at Henshaw as well, particularly in periods of high water when largemouth bass flood the shallow brush in the spring.


    The dam at Lake Henshaw was built in 1923 to facilitate the growing need for water storage in the North County of San Diego.

    henshaw_lakemap_600Facilities & Camping Information

    Henshaw boasts a spacious camping area with modern facilities and full service hookups are available on a first come, first served basis. The lake’s resort carries a basic variety of food, bait and tackle.


    Henshaw allows private boats that are a minimum of 12′ in length, and also offers boat rentals. Canoes, kayaks and other small boats are not permitted.

    For information on the current fees, visit the Lake Henshaw Resort website.

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