Lake Miramar

At 162 surface acres, Lake Miramar is a small reservoir, even by San Diego standards. It is located in San Diego’s Scripps Ranch neighborhood, just east of Interstate 15 and less than 20 minutes north of downtown San Diego.

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  • While small, Lake Miramar has a big reputation and known to produce some of the biggest largemouth bass in the world! In fact, Miramar has produced 5 of the top 25 biggest largemouth bass ever caught. The largest bass ever recorded here was 20 pounds and 15 ounces, the 8th heaviest bass ever officially recorded.

    Miramar receives trout plants in the winter from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, usually about twice monthly when the water is cold enough to support trout. Scroll down to see recent and future trout plants at Miramar.

    The water typically clear with visibility of around 20 feet. This makes it a great lake for sight fishing giant bass in the spring, and for sight casting to cruising trout in the winter. But the clarity can make fishing tough at other times, and its important to fish deep enough and with long enough casts that you’re presenting your bait to fish that cannot see you or your boat.

    There is limited shoreline access at normal water levels, the majority of trout anglers congregate along the area of the lake known as “Mo’s Hole” which is just east of the boat dock. There are 3 fishing docks on the north shore of the lake for additional access, and a few areas cut out of the tules as well.

    Lake Miramar MapLocation

    Lake Miramar is located at 10455 Scripps Lake Dr., San Diego, CA. From Interstate 15 take the Mira Mesa Blvd. exit and proceed east. Turn right on Scripps Ranch Blvd. and then left on Scripps Lake Dr. to the reservoir entrance.

    Hours, Fees and Boating Information

    Miramar is open daily for fishing and boating, but the concession stand is open on a limited schedule. Rental boats are available only when the concession is open. There is a 5 MPH speed limit enforced on this small reservoir, and no incentive to go any faster due to its small size.

    Kayaks, float tubes, and canoes are permitted, but no water contact is allowed. Tubers must wear full waders and conform to all Coast Guard Regulations.

    Fishing Tips

    • Drop shotting for bass is particularly effective at Miramar, and works year-round. Fish light line (4-6 pound test) and fish in water where you’re not able to see the bottom. Deep grass lines hold fish all year, as do the points.
    • Shad patterned crankbaits are good bass producers in the summer months as bass school up and feed on the lake’s shad population.
    • Senkos and flukes, in baby bass or green patterns work well in late spring and early summer when fished along the edge of the tules.
    • Trout imitating swimbaits produce giant bass here every winter. Your odds of landing a monster bass at Miramar are best following a trout stock.

    Lake Miramar Fishing Records

    Black Crappie2.181990
    Blue Catfish49.102011Greg Pshsnychniak
    Bullhead (Yellow)1.621994
    Channel Catfish31.42006 
    Largemouth Bass20.931973Dave Zimmerleee
    Rainbow Trout15.5  
    Redear Sunfish2.052002

    Recent and Future Fish Plants

    DateSpeciesSourceWeight (lbs)Notes
    11/11/2018Rainbow TroutCDFWN/A

    Lake Miramar News

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