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Local guide Justin Hanold scores record-setting tournament win at Lake Havasu

Poway’s Justin Hanold, a local bass fishing guide scored a big WON Bass Pro/Am tournament win at Lake Havasu on March 16th and 17th. Hanold weighed a two day limit totaling 46.97 pounds, anchored by a huge 5-fish limit on day 1 weighing 26.83 pounds. 

Hanold arrived in Lake Havasu City on Tuesday the 12th to begin a few days of pre-fish. With temperatures rising in the desert, new waves of bass were moving up to the shallows to spawn each day. Justin made an unorthodox decision, saying “I made up my mind early that I would not make a single cast during all four days of practice.”

Saltwater Bass Series winner Peter Hamann recounts event

After doing the Open Bay Bass Tournament the weekend before, I knew where some decent Spotted Bay Bass were and it gave me the motivation to looking into one of the events of the Saltwater Bass Series out of San Diego Bay. I called my fishing tournament partner Terry to see what his thoughts were about it and to see if he could enter it with me. Unfortunately being a new dad, his time is limited and he had already spent the last two weekends fishing. So he needed to put in some quality time with his family and pass on this tournament. So I decided to call up a friend who wanted to do the OBB Tournament last weekend but couldn’t find a partner to do it with. He had never participated in a fishing tournament before and was itching to do it since he heard about how much fun they are, whether you do well or not! He got the “ok” from his wife so we decided to fire up and give it a try.

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