3/4 day boat posts jaw-dropping fish count

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  • H&M Landing’s 3/4 day boat Malihini is headed home early today…their 46 anglers wiped out after one of the most ridiculous fish counts I’ve ever seen for a 3/4 day boat.

    Those 46 anglers are being credited with 230 yellowfin tuna, 46 dorado, 28 yellowtail, and 156 skipjack tuna. That’s almost 9 fish per angler — 5 per angler if you’re just counting yellowfin.

    The trip departed at 5:30 AM and was not scheduled to return until 5:30 PM, but was already headed for the dock at 2 PM.

    The 80′ Malihini is scheduled for another 3/4 day trip leaving tomorrow, and currently only has 14 of the 51 spots booked according to hmlanding.com.

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    Nathan Cadwell

    Seaforth’s Tribute boat broke down at 3am before we could fish. Then the new Seaforth got only 3 fish!!

    Don Eret

    The Ocean level dropped a 1/4 inch!

    Joel Dunivin

    That’s absolutely insane

    Chuy Ortega

    El nino is coming #fishon

    Brandon Parks

    Too bad about the amounts of skippys mixed in

    Steve Nguyen

    Damn! Good stuff!

    Don Jarret Lardizabal

    Small footballs but still fun n good eating

    Danny Mendez

    Jared Dodson David Askander This 3/4 day boat left at 5:30a, and got back at 2 pm bc they were worn out from all the fish that they caught. They caught over 400 fish… LOL

    Lyn Allred

    Wow! Trying to keep Jim from driving over!

    Michael Riskey