Tuna crushing the popper for Captain Alan Clowers


This fishing report is from September 6th, 2014. We have been fishing outside about 35 miles by the 371 and the fishing remains good to excellent depending on the day. Some days you have to fish all day to scratch up 15 fish and some days you run into a kelp paddy to load the boat. On Saturday we ran into a kelp paddy loaded with the boat with yellowtail and then it went to wide open yellowfin tuna.

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  • The reason I wanted to share this report with you guys is because we got 16 fish on the 8″ popper (pictured below). It was out of control topwater fishing, truly epic. The water temperature was 71 degrees, beautiful purple-blue. We had limits for five guys of yellowfin, that’s 25 fish.

    We’ve been seeing a lot of hammerheads and makos, and at the end of the day the clients wanted to play with this one hammerhead. So we did, and we landed it. 

    We had a four year old onboard and he was right in the middle of the mix, and he landed a nice 15 pound dorado as well. So the fishing remains good and it’s looking like it’s going to last another 6 to 8 weeks with this monsoonal push from down south.

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