Half day boat with 40+ yellowfin tuna today

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  • A local half-day boat had a day for the history books this morning! This epic fishing season just ratcheted up to a whole new level, one that we might never see again in our lifetimes.

    The 21 anglers aboard the 60 foot Chubasco II captained by Ernie Prieto III caught 42 yellowfin tuna, 3 bluefin tuna, and 1 dorado.

    Yes, those are numbers for a half-day trip!

    According to their website, the Chubasco II is scheduled for another AM half-day tomorrow, July 10th leaving at 9 am for a price of $46 per angler with 15 spots available as of this posting.

    In case you’ve been literally living in a cave, warmer than usual water temperatures are creating absolutely epic fishing off the Southern California coastline right now. 3/4 day boats are regularly catching bluefin tuna, with sprinkles of yellowfin mixed in. But these are absolutely astonishing numbers for a half-day boat, even this year.

    If you’re on the fence about getting onboard a local sportfishing boat right now, do it. These conditions could literally be once in a lifetime.

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    Chrissy Solomon


    Colin Evans

    No shot that’s great! We’re leaving on the vagabond for a 3 day Tuna trip. Boat departs San Diego on Sunday! I’m pumped!

    Tina Louise Hunter

    I want to fish!!!!!

    Rob Magargal


    Jenny Holtzclaw

    Mark Kampa let’s book!!!

    George Riggs


    Ryan Woodworth

    Holy crap

    Sam Sphire

    Was there anyone skunked?