Lobster diver dies in Mission Bay


Local news outlets, including the San Diego Union Tribune have reported that a man died on Wedensday night while diving for lobsters in Mission Bay. He was reportedly from Carlsbad, in his late 30s, and leaves behind a pregnant wife and two children.

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  • Lobster season opened at 12:01 AM on Saturday morning, and the popular fishing season draws anglers of all types — hoop netting from a boat being the most popular. But divers, both scuba and free divers, get in on the dangerous hunt as well. Because lobsters are most active at night, most diving for them takes place in the dark where divers scour rocky crevices and underwater structure that the lobsters live in.

    This victim apparently was either entangled in his dive gear, or otherwise unable to manage it while in the water. His two accompanying friends tried to assist him, but was unable to keep him from drowning.

    Fatal diving accidents are not uncommon in lobster season, its San Diego’s most dangerous form of fishing. Be safe out there, know your limits, know your gear, and never dive alone. If you’re in over your head, there are plenty of lobster available at the local market.

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