Quiz: Can you identify these unmarked local long-range sportfishing boats?


San Diego is famous for its sportfishing industry, and the flagship vessels are the big, beautiful, cow tuna chasing machines that head way down south on long-range trips to battle the biggest tuna and wahoo in the Pacific Ocean. This exclusive brotherhood of boats are iconic in lore and looks – but remove the names on the sides and stern and the task of identifying them can be a challenge.

Are you up to the task of naming these boats based on their unique lines and shapes?

What's the name of this tuna chaser?

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  1. 11/11 👍 10 years working the fleet, memory hasn’t gone completely to crap lol….intrepid, angler, spirit, royal polaris, polaris supreme, searcher, excel, vagabond, shogun and rooster were easy lol

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