Unbelievable catch from the Mission Bay Jetty

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  • Even in this season of incredible saltwater catches fueled by El Niño conditions, Jarred Davidson’s catch yesterday (September 14th) from the rocks of the Mission Bay Jetty is truly spectacular.

    Catching a yellowtail from the shore would be special in itself, but to land a 45.6 pound homeguard yellowtail from the rocks is out-of-this-world cool.

    To give you an idea of how large this fish was — a yellowtail of exactly the same size, 45 pounds 10 ounces (45.625 pounds) was the largest yellowtail caught in the San Diego International Yellowtail Derby this year. That tournament runs 36 days from May 2nd through June 7th. The 2nd largest yellowtail caught in that tournament was 28.5 pounds.

    So amped on this fish it’s insane! – Jarred Davidson

    Davidson conquered this sea-beast on 25 pound, and weighed it on The Marlin Club San Diego’s IGFA certified scale on Shelter Island. He took to Instagram to share his amazing fish-tale.

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