Video: Killer whales chase fishermen in boat 5 miles off San Diego

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  • Some local fishermen captured a pretty cool encounter with a pod of killer whales off the coast of San Diego on Thursday, September 10th.

    They were approximately 5 miles off Point Loma when the pod of orcas approached the boat. When the fishermen started running with the boat, the killer whales started tailing them and playing in the wake of the boat.

    The video also captures some pretty cool underwater footage of the killer whales swimming beside their boat.

    Killer whales are not commonly seen off our coast, but they’re not rare to be seen either. An experience like this is rare though, and at the time, probably rather nerve wracking for the anglers onboard the boat.

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    1. Actually, recently, there have been a couple of people that mysteriously vanished from the beaches. Maybe Orcas are to blame. Maybe they got the taste of human and were thinking on taking this boat down?

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