Video: Tuna speared from dock in harbor

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  • This morning we posted a video of a free-swimming yellowfin tuna in Dana Point Harbor, an unusual sight indeed. But this video steps it up a notch.

    After seeing the aforementioned video, Derek Marso, who owns and operates Valley Farm Market in Spring Valley (an awesome market with fresh seafood, meat, and vast selection of craft beers) submitted this video. The video was shot by his sister, who upon returning from Catalina Island by ferry to Dana Point Harbor, had seen several tuna swimming in the harbor. Others took notice, and as you see in the video, an angler prepared with a speargun, took a shot and successfully landed one of these fish right from the dock.

    Dana Point Harbor is a small marina located right on Dana Point, 65 miles north of downtown San Diego.

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  • Last summer, and even already this year there were several reports of both yellowfin and bluefin tuna spotted within southern California harbors.

    The unusually warm water is to credit for these wayward fish, as yellowfin tuna are typically found in local waters in the warmest months of summer, and offshore within the warm currents from Baja. The warm water is an indication that we be in store for one of history’s most significant El Niños.

    This man was likely violating California’s Ocean Sport Fishing Regulations. Although difficult to decipher for sure, it appears the combination of three regulations in particular provide a conclusion that this is not allowed.

    Below are those three codes, and I’ve highlighted the portions that appear relevant to this scenario.

    28.65. GENERAL. Except as provided in this article, fin fish may be taken only on hook and line or by hand.

    28.90. DIVING, SPEARFISHING. Persons who are floating or swimming in the water may use spearfishing gear and skin or SCUBA diving equipment to take fin fish other than giant (black) sea bass, garibaldi, gulf grouper, broomtail grouper, trout, salmon or broadbill

    28.95. SPEARS, HARPOONS AND BOW AND ARROW FISHING TACKLE. Spears, harpoons and bow and arrow fishing tackle may be used for taking all varieties of skates, rays, and sharks, except white sharks. Such gear may not be possessed or used within 100 yards of the mouth of any stream in any ocean waters north of Ventura County, nor aboard any vessel on any day or on any trip when broadbill swordfish or marlin have been taken. Bow and arrow fishing tackle may be used to take finfish other than giant (black) sea bass, garibaldi, gulf grouper, broomtail grouper, trout, salmon, broadbill swordfish and white shark.

    Disclaimer: SDFish does not condone this type, or any illegal fishing activity. It is your responsibility as an angler to know and understand the regulations set forth in the 2015-2015 Ocean Sport Fishing Regulations, as well as all local laws in the area of which you’re fishing. This article was posted not to glorify any presumable accomplishment of the angler, but to highlight the unusual circumstances of a small school of tuna in the harbor.

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    1. Yes this is illegal, and no it is not impressive. Shooting a fish 12 inches away with a speargun from land is far from impressive. Yes it is incredible there was Tuna in the harbor, but this guy shouldn’t be praised for this by any means whatsoever.

    2. Legality aside there is freaking tuna at the freaking dock!!!!! Further, this such a unique occurrence that some latitude should be granted. Insane, imagine hooking that fishing for bay bass.

    3. These guys look like kooks running around couldn’t even hand line a baby tuna, this is what novice poachers look like the same spear fishing kooks that are just out to kill!

    4. I think all that guy was thinking about was how cool he was going to look doing this, and saying he speared a Yellowfin Tuna in the harbor. I hope that he gets punished accordingly to show just how cool what he did was really not.

    5. You ever noticed TROGS come out of the wood work with that legality bologna when they couldn’t do with a rod and reel what that hard charger did from a dock no less with a spear? I say kudos nice catch.

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