Changes to trout schedule, lightning trout delivery at Jennings


The trout stocking schedule for Lake Jennings has been altered slightly due to a loss of fish at the Mt Lassen Trout Hatchery. The stock at Jennings last week was changed from 1,000 pounds to 700 pounds due to a shortage of fish at the hatchery. 

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  • Lightning trout, as well as tagged trout were scheduled to planted this week, but that has been pushed back until next week. This week will see a plant of another 700 pounds of the “Sierra Bows” from Mt Lassen, but plants are now including the 10-12 pound trophy sized fish.

    The second plant of lightning trout and tagged trout will occur the week of February 24th instead of what would have been a typical stock. 

    Each stock the next two weeks will total 1,000 pounds, with 500 pounds being lightning trout and the other 500 being “Sierra Bows.”

    Jennings will be open Monday, February 17th for the President’s Day Holiday. Current hours are 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM. 

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