Morena’s rainbow trout lake record tied last week


Brad Voigt of Chula Vista tied Lake Morena’s record with a 14 lb 12 oz rainbow trout caught in the dam area of the lake. Brad reported catching the fish on a spoon. Several other large trout over 7 pounds were caught at Morena last week as well. This lake has kicked out dozens of trophy sized rainbows this year and continues to receive little fishing pressure. Mt. Lassen dumped another 1,000 pounds of rainbows in last week, and that included many more of the large trout. The DFG has been matching Lassen’s stocks at Morena, so they also dumped in 1,000 pounds of their smaller grade trout last week. Rental boats are half-off on the weekdays, and Morena is open 7 days a week so this would be a great week to get up there and get your share of their excellent trout fishing. 

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