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Dixon Lake Fish Reports
Dixon Lake Fish Report

Dixon Lake Trout season so far has been excellent with conditions improving each week after a stock. Trout Cove and Jack Creek Cove has been the most productive with Whisker Bay and fishing near the Buoy line has been busy too. The trout seem to be spread out all over the lake. Just Ask David Grey from Encinitas who was fishing off Pier #1 who landed a 7 lb. 11 oz. trout on a Thomas Buoyant lure. Nice Job! The AM bite has been the key to a good start and lasting several hours then the bite slowly tapering off….then picking up again in the late afternoon.

Lake Morena Fish Reports
Lake Morena Fish Report

There was more fun on trout early this week. Herchel Ownbey and his son James from National City did well catching 7 rainbows on nightcrawlers in the Dam area. Their two largest were 5.25 lbs and 4.5 lbs. ‘The San Pedro Crew’ came down again. Dan, John, Gil and the rest had fun catching 3 limits in the cabin cove area both on a boat and on shore. They were inflating nightcrawlers and using green powerbait.

Freshwater Fishing
Redear sunfish record broken at Lake Murray

On June 30th we received a submission to our Big Fish List, a database of our member’s notable fish catches, for a 2.355 pound bluegill caught at Lake Murray that same day. A couple days later, I received a private message from a member (fishbreath) raising doubt to the species of the fish, stating he believed it to be a redear sunfish. Taking a second glance at the pictures that were included with the submission, the fish displayed several attributes of a redear sunfish, but also lacked the most obvious, the tell-tale sign of a redear, the red ear.

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