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Fraternal Order of Local Snake Oil Salesmen

After watching an MSNBC biography of famed pitchman Ron Popeil, I start to hear Jim Croce singing “Time in a Bottle.” I began to wonder if bottling time was possible, who would be a talented enough salesman to sell it? Yes, my mind does work this way. I mean, it sounds like it would sell itself. Right? Then again, there are a lot of items that should sell themselves that don’t. Marketing is what it is, and does what it does, because it is neccessary to spread the word; to let people know of its existence, its purpose, its value. Without it, the product simply is useless. Take that $100 lure of yours. Throw it in the wrong spot, at the wrong time, and never catch a thing. What an over-priced hunk of junk you’ve got. However, throw that $3.00 lure at the right time, right place, and it will have a hundred times the value of the fore mentioned lure.