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White seabass report from Seasons Sportfishing

We had another great weekend at the local islands on the new Seasons rig with a great group of guys that were very patient, waiting for the right bite. It started off with not a sniff all night, even with one of them staying up all night fishing hard for just one barracuda. I got the wake up call at 5:00 AM and checked the conditions as we fished through gray [light] and saw nothing, deciding to make a move and start our hunt.

Saltwater Fishing
$500 Drawing for White Seabass Head Collection

The Ocean Resources Enhancement and Hatchery Program (OREHP) has released over 1.6 million hatchery-reared white seabass since 1986. Each of these fish has an internal tag implanted in their head. Most of these fish are now legal size and available to catch!

We are asking you to turn in the head of every white seabass you catch that is 28 inches in length or larger so that they can be checked for a tag. This will enter you into a drawing for a chance to win a $500 cash prize. One entry will be selected every 6 months from the entries submitted during that period.