Final 2014 Tournament Angler Rankings


Our final edition of the 2014 San Diego Tournament Angler Rankings includes a total of 43 tournaments (from November 2nd, 2013 – October, 2014) and had well over 450 anglers considered.

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  • Ultimately, 66 anglers fished the minimum 11 tournaments required to qualify for our year-end rankings, and their performance in all of their tournaments has been measured to come up with the a list of which anglers had the best 2014 tournament season.

    This last update includes the 3 tournaments held in October, the last of the season. And it also includes the National Bass West results from March 8th, which had been unavailable for all previous rankings updates because of a computer failure at National Bass West. So with all that data available, See how the rankings shake out below.

    RankAnglerPointsFishedAvg SOFAvg Finish
    1Norling, Kevin1903.571428571428.928571428611.5
    2Strelic, Wade1892.173913042330.69565217399.91304347826
    3Walsh, Mike1498.823529411735.352941176515.8823529412
    4Strelic, Jon1429.333333331535.611.3333333333
    5Leedom, Tom1380112914
    6Morrin, Frank1293.076923081340.846153846219.1538461538
    7Lincoln, Trevor1208.148148152741.851851851913.7407407407
    8Pierce, Geoff1182.105263161937.36842105268.89473684211
    9Lopez, Inder1143.636363641137.818181818216.8181818182
    10Tejeda, Anthony1127.142857142152.476190476222.0476190476
    11Huynh, Jimmy1123.684210531939.473684210513.9473684211
    12Vilanysane, Noy1122.380952382139.714285714314.4285714286
    13Miller, Chuck1101.724137932939.620689655213.6551724138
    14Wingo, Scott1066.252432.958333333313.25
    15Salewske, Rusty1033.076923081336.615384615424.4615384615
    16Hallauer, Jim10001227.91666666679.75
    17Getgen, John995.3333333331553.266666666723.7333333333
    18Menzel, Matt959.0909090911151.727272727324.4545454545
    18Purcell, Matthew959.0909090911151.727272727324.4545454545
    20Belden, Klayton957.3333333331536.466666666721.2666666667
    21Lewis, Randy955163415.9375
    22Fenelli, Marco9401828.513.5555555556
    23Bailey, Art9301537.666666666716.6
    24Martin, Kevin923.5294117651743.823529411815.8823529412
    24Martin, Mike923.5294117651743.823529411815.8823529412
    26Preman, Josh877.2727272732245.818181818215.5
    27Hinkley, Jesse854.6153846151344.923076923120.2307692308
    28Miser, Greg843.8461538461353.153846153826.1538461538
    29Battisti, Derek837.51246.515.8333333333
    30Gilbert, Chip817.8947368421946.684210526320.1578947368
    31Riese, Donald805.52036.213.4
    31Riese, Donald Jr.805.52036.213.4
    33Holverson, Todd794.4444444442747.222222222219.2962962963
    34Young, Jimmy775145217
    35Studinger, Chris773.1818181822240.409090909119.9090909091
    36Welch, Rich768.235294117174619.0588235294
    37Hinkle, Stu767.2727272731150.545454545518.2727272727
    38McLernon, Mike754.8275862072943.862068965518.3793103448
    39Kruck, Ken7401653.437518.125
    40Blake, John731.1764705881764.411764705925
    41Williams, Melvin716.251648.7523.625
    42Collins, Gene701.8181818182262.954545454521.0909090909
    43Folkestad, Mike688.8235294121742.588235294116.1176470588
    43Tatum, Allen688.8235294121742.588235294116.1176470588
    45Larson, Tom661.8181818181146.636363636418.8181818182
    46Davidson, Spencer653.0769230771356.076923076918.7692307692
    47Hendrix, Stan642.6666666661554.266666666720.9333333333
    48McBride, Marvin6401153.181818181812.2727272727
    49Marshall, Joe638.4615384611359.230769230819.7692307692
    50Sleight, Jason634.1176470591751.058823529420.2352941176
    51Paluczak, Andy624.7826086952351.086956521721.2173913043
    51Paluczak, Jackson624.7826086952351.086956521721.2173913043
    53Larson, William607.8571428571450.214285714325.0714285714
    54Taylor, Craig577.8947368421958.421052631619.2631578947
    55Kenson, Stu575.8823529411748.882352941219.8235294118
    55Marr, Ed575.8823529411748.882352941219.8235294118
    57Davis, Ken5621550.466666666717
    57Hernandez, Ricardo5621550.466666666717
    59Preman, Gary4501160.363636363617.6363636364
    60Clar, Jason444.6666666671559.424.8
    61Lee, Stuart443.8888888891862.777777777824.6666666667
    62Limbrick, Carl412.352941176176321
    63Price, Dan402.727272727116033.4545454545
    64Marso, Chris389.1666666661262.515.25
    65Rauenzahn, Mark3701465.533.0714285714
    66Bowers, Mark358.1818181821165.727272727326.3636363636

    About the rankings

    The Tournament Angler Computer Rankings are meant to quantify the success of an individual anglers tournament season. They are not based on opinion, or make any claim to decide who the best, or worst anglers are. They are based on an anglers’ performance, and their performance alone.

    Which anglers are considered?

    All anglers who fish a minimum of 11 qualified local tournaments so far this season have been included for consideration, and all anglers who met that minimum are shown. The minimum is set at 1/4th of the total amount (rounded up or down) of tournaments included to date. There were 43 tournaments included in these rankings, so 10.75 was rounded to 10.

    Which tournaments are considered?

    • 6 tournaments in the 2013/2014 National Bass West San Diego Region season
    • National Bass West Lake Havasu Classic (Championship for NBW Regions)
    • 6 tournaments in the 2014 American Bass Association San Diego Region season
    • American Bass Association South Team Classic (Championship for ABA Regions)
    • 4 tournaments in the 2014 California Bass Federation Southern California Region season
    • 4 tournaments in the Anglers Marine Owners Invitational Series
    • FLW Western Series Pro/AM at Lake Havasu
    • FLW Western Series Pro/AM at the California Delta
    • FLW Western Series Pro/AM at Clear Lake
    • 8 tournaments in the San Diego Team Series (Day) season
    • 7 tournaments in the San Diego Team Series (Night) season
    • Combined overall results from the San Diego Team Open
    • WON Bass US Open

    How are the rankings formulated?

    Each qualifying tournament is weighted based on the number of entries in the field. A proprietary formula awards points each finishing position for each individual angler (team tournaments score each angler independently) from the top down. Those points are then divided by the total number of tournaments an angler fishes, and a multiplier is applied to remove the decimals.

    *Strength of finish is the percentile of the result based on the amount of teams or participants, the lower the better. A 2nd place finish with 50 teams would have a strength of finish of “4” while a 2nd place finish with only 20 teams would be a strength of finish of “10.” While the result is the same, a 2nd, the first scenario is a significantly better finish since it required beating an additional 30 teams. The ranking formula uses strength of finish instead of a simple result in the standings to determine ranking points.

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