2016 Tournament Angler Rankings


Over 500 anglers battled it out this year in local bass tournaments, and we’ve compiled the stats, crunched the numbers and ran the algorithm to rank them all on their 2015/2016 season’s production.

This is the fourth year of the SDFish Tournament Angler Rankings, and will feature another new #1 angler. In fact, this year’s results feature only one angler in the top 10 who ended last year in the top 10, and that young angler has now appeared in the top 10 in all four years!

Overall, there were 39 eligible tournaments considered this year, meaning anglers must have fished in 10 or more of those tournaments to qualify in these rankings. A special recognition goes out to local tournament veteran Trevor Lincoln for fishing 31 of those 39 tournaments, more than anyone else. Trevor fished all but 3 of the eligible tournaments held in San Diego this year!

Below you’ll find the rankings for the spots 11-69. To see how the top spots shook out, check out our slideshow spotlighting San Diego’s top 10 bass tournament anglers for the 2015/2016 season.


RankAnglerScoreFishedAvg S.O.F.Avg Finish
11Morgan Holbrook886182810.39
12William Larson870153914.60
13Allen Tatum770123210.25
13Mike Folkestad770123210.25
15Justin Schuff769114920.73
16Chip Gilbert760153811.40
17Todd Holverson759183915.67
18Tom Leedom757123012.75
19Dennis Kolender736124015.08
20Kevin Norling734244118.33
21Randy Lewis708184217.00
22Tom Lowery697133916.15
23Lester Albury694133912.31
24Marco Fenelli693134122.62
25Craig Taylor655185019.61
25Jon Bell655185019.61
27Andy Paluczak650144416.29
27Jackson Paluczak650144416.29
29Noy Vilanysane643304619.90
30Trevor Lincoln633314114.61
31Geoff Pierce632114213.55
32George Pernicano629104618.30
33Chuck Miller625274516.00
34Jason Cloke624154214.87
35Jimmy Young622103815.00
36Curtis Arneman609105218.00
37Stephen Lamb602114616.45
38Stuart Lee593133812.00
39Stu Hinkle575155217.40
40Anthony Tejeda563165020.69
41Ken Kruck545104416.50
41Randy Barber545104416.50
43Rich Welch542245017.50
44Ken Davis540124918.83
44Ricardo Hernandez540124918.83
46Outhai Rasakhamdee539234516.48
47Herman De La Garza537105417.00
47Tim Sotola537105417.00
49Donald Riese526104416.30
49Donnie Riese526104416.30
51Josh Preman519204418.00
52Melvin Williams518205731.25
53Frank Martinez510134313.31
54Stu Kenson503155422.13
55Greg Miser494114718.36
56Mark Bowers472134915.00
57Klayton Belden456116924.36
58Kevin Martin452105217.70
58Mike Martin452105217.70
60Gary Preman450115121.45
61Tom Larson436175420.47
62Michael McLernon410195620.63
63Kham Southammovong376106528.30
64Chris Marso357105918.80
65Gene Collins341176524.65
65John Blake341176524.65
67Jeremy Homeyer328196724.11
67Joey Baldacchino328196724.11
69Paul Leader262107525.40

About the rankings

The SDFish.com Tournament Angler Computer Rankings are meant to quantify the success of an individual anglers tournament season. They are not based on opinion, or make any claim to decide who the best, or worst anglers are. They are based on an angler’s performance, and their performance alone.

Which anglers are considered?

All anglers who fish a minimum of 10 qualified local tournaments so far this season have been included for consideration, and all anglers who met that minimum are shown.

Which tournaments are considered in this set of rankings?

There were 39 possible tournaments included in these rankings. Specifically, they were;

  • 6 tournaments in the National Bass West San Diego Region season
  • The 2016 National Bass West Havasu Classic
  • Anglers Marine Owners Invitational at El Capitan
  • California Bass Federation Tournaments
  • 3 FLW Costa Western Series Pro Tournaments
  • American Bass Association Tournaments (other tournaments in this series did not meet the minimum amount of teams)
  • The 2016 American Bass Association South Team Classic at Lake Mead
  • 9 San Diego Team Day Series Tournaments
  • 7 San Diego Team Night Series Tournaments
  • 2 National Bass West Summer Night Tournaments
  • The 2016 San Diego Team Open
  • The 2016 WON Bass US Open Pro Tournament

*Note* Only tournaments with 20 competing teams (or draw tournaments with 20 anglers) or more are considered. Tournaments with less than 20 teams were thrown out.

How are the rankings formulated?

Each qualifying tournament is weighted based on the number of entries in the field. A proprietary formula awards points each finishing position for each individual angler (team tournaments score each angler independently) from the top down. Those points are then divided by the total number of tournaments an angler fishes, and a multiplier is applied to create a score.

Pro tournaments will award double points, and season-end team tournament championships (TOCs) are worth 1.5x points. The San Diego Team Open, a 2-day summer tournament at 2 different lakes is also rewarded with 1.5x points, given its prestige and degree of difficulty.

*Strength of finish is the percentile of the result based on the amount of teams or participants, the lower the better. A 2nd place finish with 50 teams would have a strength of finish of “4” while a 2nd place finish with only 20 teams would be a strength of finish of “10.” While the result is the same, a 2nd, the first scenario is a significantly better finish since it required beating an additional 30 teams. The SDFish.com ranking formula uses strength of finish instead of a simple result in the standings to determine ranking points.

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