July 2015 Tournament Angler Rankings

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  • With no more tournaments on the schedule for the month of June, we’re posting our July rankings a few days early. These is also the first rankings update since March, so quite a bit has changed since then. The March update included a possible 12 tournaments, while this update includes a possible 25 tournaments on the schedule (scroll to the bottom of the post to see exactly which tournaments are included). 75 anglers fished at least 6 tournaments to meet the minimum required for this update.

    With a big win in the San Diego Team Day Series Tournament at Lake Hodges in May, Tom Leedom has jumped from 3rd in March to top this month’s list. He jumped ahead of his NBW partner Keith Gunsauls who remains in 2nd. Kevin Norling, who has owned the top spot in the rankings for over a year, fell to 3rd with a string of poor finishes in the San Diego Team Night Series, events that played a big part in him earning the top spot in the rankings for 2014.

    Marco Fenelli makes his first appearance in the top 5 with a solid NBW season, including a win in December at El Capitan and another win at Lake Hodges in May in the aforementioned San Diego Team Day Series Tournament where he and Leedom partnered up.

    “Out of towners” George and Michael Kramer have moved firmly into the top 10 and sit in 6th place. The father/son team from Lake Elsinore have fished the minimum of 6 tournaments, including all 5 of the San Diego Team Day Series Tournaments. After a highly acclaimed career as an outdoor writer, with a strong emphasis on tournament bass fishing in the west that landed him in the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame in 2012, George Kramer is now beating anglers he’s featured in his annual “California Top 40 Bass Anglers List”.

    RankAnglerPointsFishedAvg S.O.F.Avg Finish
    1Tom Leedom11601224.513.6
    2Keith Gunsauls1093622.87.0
    3Kevin Norling10071628.012.0
    4Marco Fenelli9161435.57.5
    5Melvin Williams907648.544.8
    6George Kramer897642.513.8
    6Michael Kramer897642.513.8
    8Martin Keppeler890844.315.8
    9William Larson8731535.513.1
    10Jerry Hobart830626.78.5
    11Bob Palashewski804729.08.1
    12Rich Welch784842.320.9
    13Jon Bell7831332.59.9
    14Dennis Kolender768830.310.3
    15Jacob Erpelding7651446.616.3
    15Jesse Hinkley7651446.616.3
    17Outhai Rasakhamdee740850.917.6
    18Chuck Miller7191934.710.5
    19Ryan Escutia718663.028.8
    20Michael McLernon7141731.312.3
    21Craig Taylor6841739.011.2
    22Todd Holverson6511338.013.7
    23Klayton Belden6471041.218.4
    24Curtis Howard628649.015.2
    24Duane Johnson628649.015.2
    26Inder Lopez625652.520.8
    27Mark Rauenzahn6221236.812.3
    28Brent Benish619650.020.3
    29Allen Tatum6151140.213.3
    29Mike Folkestad6151140.213.3
    31Greg Miser604740.022.1
    32John Fiehler6011239.515.0
    32Rod Blunt6011239.515.0
    34Jimmy Young5951039.89.3
    35Geoff Pierce5871942.112.2
    36Noy Vilanysane5841354.519.8
    37Stu Hinkle5541146.518.1
    38Trevor Lincoln5301645.116.4
    39Bryden Mugleston518951.419.8
    40Stan Hendrix514656.024.2
    41Jason Cloke504841.113.9
    42Matt Lowery492643.79.3
    43Travis Harrison489864.922.8
    44Max Bauer465647.315.2
    45Jim Hallauer461751.09.7
    46Kevin Martin450649.820.3
    46Mike Martin450649.820.3
    48Andy Paluczak438954.119.1
    48Jackson Paluczak438954.119.1
    50Carl Limbrick436960.322.2
    51Tom Larson433749.624.6
    52Donald Riese Sr.4301552.519.9
    53Anthony Tejeda4291756.120.6
    54John Getgen4281457.422.9
    55Donnie Riese Jr.4261453.120.4
    56Mike Walsh422655.325.2
    57Nick Adkins415654.317.3
    58Josh Preman4091254.017.2
    59Stuart Lee4071252.314.7
    60Gary Preman4041154.717.1
    61Ed Marr384858.627.4
    61Stu Kenson384858.627.4
    63Dustin Tingle347662.722.5
    63Lyle Hunter347660.721.8
    65Jeremy Homeyer3461061.721.5
    65Joey Baldacchino3461061.721.5
    67Chris Marso3331160.920.6
    68Ken Kruck3101068.722.8
    69Barkley Davis301867.022.1
    70Ken Davis272768.624.1
    70Ricardo Hernandez272768.624.1
    72John Blake266874.131.9
    73Earl Stacher235777.621.6
    74Gene Collins2351178.627.4
    75Steve Brecko202681.525.5

    About the rankings

    The SDFish.com Tournament Angler Computer Rankings are meant to quantify the success of an individual anglers tournament season. They are not based on opinion, or make any claim to decide who the best, or worst anglers are. They are based on an angler’s performance, and their performance alone.

    Which anglers are considered?

    All anglers who fish a minimum of 6 qualified local tournaments so far this season have been included for consideration, and all anglers who met that minimum are shown. The minimum is set at 1/4th of the total amount (rounded up or down) of tournaments included to date. There were 25 possible tournaments included in these rankings.

    Which tournaments are considered in this set of rankings?

    How are the rankings formulated?

    Each qualifying tournament is weighted based on the number of entries in the field. A proprietary formula awards points each finishing position for each individual angler (team tournaments score each angler independently) from the top down. Those points are then divided by the total number of tournaments an angler fishes, and a multiplier is applied to remove the decimals.

    Pro tournaments will award double points, and season-end team tournament championships (TOCs) will be worth 1.5x points.

    *Strength of finish is the percentile of the result based on the amount of teams or participants, the lower the better. A 2nd place finish with 50 teams would have a strength of finish of “4” while a 2nd place finish with only 20 teams would be a strength of finish of “10.” While the result is the same, a 2nd, the first scenario is a significantly better finish since it required beating an additional 30 teams. The SDFish.com ranking formula uses strength of finish instead of a simple result in the standings to determine ranking points.

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    Martin Keppeler

    Thank you for the recognition of hard work and dedication!

    Marco Fenelli

    Congrats Tom Leedom, Kevin M. Norling great run buddy!

    Melvin Williams

    I also thank you for the recognition

    George Kramer

    Actually, I DID fish over the buoy line…but without my partner, this ain’t happening. Still, fun while it lasts!

    Geoff Pierce